Monday, June 20, 2005

weird things...

Ok so yeah... I'm in a shitty mood, but what can I say.... I feel kinda blank. It's a weird situation... but I'll start off with saying... anyone want to get married? Just take me for a roommate and I'm sure it will happen. Last year my best friend who I lived with got married.. and just a few moments ago my current roommate just got engaged. *sighs* Go from one house to another... and yeah... I see how this goes.

Now.. normaly I'd be happy for my roommate.. and I am mostly except it's an extremly weird situation. She's also my girlfriend. And It still wouldn't be bad except shes going to be moving to colorado with him... and she had I had been planing for the last year to go to chicago... *frowns* So... any plans I had just fell... and I'm loosing her to boot... I mean this guy is a sweety to her... but up untill now it had been just a "passing thing" it started out as just a "fling" I'm just in shock I'm guessing.. she and I have been dating for over a year and half... It's just odd I spose.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, except hope she has the best he can give, and better.... I supose this is a problem with a bi couple relationship thats open... but he can give her what I can't, and such so we'll leave it that.

So yeah I'm whining, and if you read my blog you just have to deal with it... and hey at least i'm not taking for ever in a day to post again... I supose things will seem better in the morning.

Monday, June 06, 2005

And another random drop by

Ok so I'm never back for long, my time gets divided alot. So It's been a few months time for another random entry. So bare with me for just a bit as I ramble. Hell it's after 5 am. Not that I'm not normaly up at this time if I don't work the next morning, but still I can have an excuse for being tired and spacy!

So.. I've discovered I get addicted to RPGs way to easily. I still run a few email ones, but I recently discovered a Vampire RPG that is chat style. It's highly addictive and fun. The people are great, and so creative. And to add to that, they asked me to help Mod it.. I was extremly honored... but then that may have something to do with the fact I'm always there. *shrugs* but either way, I still was pleasently suprised, and pleased they like me enough to ask me to do that. So... yeah thats what I've been up to lately.

Well in other news, the friends that I signed their marrage paper for a year ago are still together. That makes me happy. They are doing well though I rarely see them. Hell I rarely see anyone. I'm kinda always sitting where I am just this moment.

I've decided I really miss some of my blog drive friends. I need to get back in touch with you all. If you even wana still talk to me for running away and hiding for so long *gives sad face*.

Lets see, I'm still living with my roommates parrents. It's not bad, I stay in the basement, they stay up stairs. I have my tv, computer, and high speed internet down here so I'm content to stay a hermit *grins* even though my friends drag me out to get fresh air everyonce in awhile.

I still work at the animal shelter. I'm starting to get really burned out though, I love the job, but at the same time, high stress levels. I think I just need a vacation. I hope thats all I need. Maybe after a good vacation, I'll be back to snuff, and things will be cool again, it's just really hard dragging my ass outa bed at 7 in the morning, expecialy since I'm such a night owl. Doen't help that I have extreme insomnia right now. Or the fact I've been sick for a week.. damn broncitious. *le sigh* I'll live though... I seriously should find a job where I can work from home though... It'd be so much better! but anyway... I'm done rambling for now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Random thoughts

Sometimes I find myself wondering what the point to most anything is. We get up, go to work , come home, spend a few free hours and go to sleep, just to start it all over again.
Don't get me wrong, this isn't a "I hate life" post. I love life, I love my friends, and I love my puppy. However... Something made me start wounderng the point to it all. Maybe it's because I'm stuck in a rut with major writers block. But I sit here and look at my friends who don't even really have time for online anymore. *shrugs* then again, I also sometimes wonder the point to my online journal(s).  But then I found the reason for that, It's so people can read my ramblings.

Ah well, it was just a thought. I also sometimes wonder if I wonder to much, and should just let things go. I tend to over anilize things. Ah well, thats just me and how my mind works I supose.

Anyway, looky I posted two days in a row, arn't you all so proud of me!! well, it's short but it's here, it's just food for thought.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

An actual update

OK so... I've been gone a long time.... well who can blame me... i've had a life. Well sort of. Anyway.. whats been up with me... I'm still working at the animal shelter. It's going good, the end of next month will be a year... kind of scary isn't it? I miss alot of my online friends, never seem to be on at the same times.... *sigh*

I'm now living in my roommate's parents basment.... we are moving out into our own place here come spring. But living with her parents aint so bad... rent's cheap.. they leave me alone,  and I have high speed internet.  My roommate has been so busy with work and school don't see her much.

My animals are doing ok... cept spikey boy... for some reason he's not doing great, but we are running tests on the poor cat, hopefully we'll find something.

I've been gone so long and really don't know what to talk about.  I still have writers block for everything it seems... stories, poems and blogs...

Oh yeah... got an x-box. Like playing that. I think that has stolen most of my time. But hey who cares.
Started hanging out on this usdrunks site. It's mainly focused around kansas, though it's spreading everywhere... Been to a few parties with those people. They are interesting... way different then the goths and gamers I usualy hang around with, but they arn't bad people. Though I thought drama was bad with my social group... it tops nothing compaired to some of the drama on the other site. But I've made some good friends so it's not all bad.

Um Ok I'm done for now... but hey it's a start, and shows I'm somewhat back.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Guess what

Ok just a quick note. But if any of you are interested Luna is coming back. Just not right this second. I'm probably going to be re doing my info at the side and talking to ang about redoing it all, we shall see, but in the next few days expect my return.

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